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PAYG Apollo
PAYG Apollo PAYG Apollo PAYG Apollo
Product name : PAYG Apollo
Product No. : Apollo
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 The Apollo (SR31) solar home system is the ideal power grid for your home or business, bundled with lights and useful accessories.
This modern, efficient energy solution includes a solar panel, mobile-charging battery pack, three light points.
Upgrade to a modern lifestyle with the Solar Apollo (SR31).

Features List


Support Pay-as-you-go (Paygo).

Lighting up three rooms or places.

Support phone charging

Can power DC TV and fan.

Comes with Solar torch with reading light.

Comes with rechargeable FM/AM radio.

High-quality product with a 2-year warranty.

This product meets the Lighting Global Quality Standards.

Specifications for Apollo 12 (SR31E)

Function Pay-as-you-go,
Home lighting, 
Mobile charging,
Outdoor lighting, 
Power Fan & TV.
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Battery Capacity 12.8V 12000mAh
Working time 16 hrs with 3 bulbs on
Charging time 4.8 hours
Output 5×12V DC; 2×USB 5V DC
Protecting Function Yes
Standard This product meets the Lighting Global (VeraSol) quality standards
Warranty 2 years
Accessories 40W solar panel;
3×3W LED bulbs (270 lm); 
2×5-in-1 phone charging cables.
1×DC TV (Optional);
1×DC Fan (Optional).

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